About Nicholas Howey

Nicholas Howey was born in DuBois, PA. in 1948. He studied Undergraduate Art at the University of Pittsburgh and then went on to New York University for Graduate Studies.

In the 1980’s Nick worked for Robert Whitman on performance works at his Dia Foundation space in New York City. He then went on to work for Robert Rauschenberg running his office and also working with David White - Rauschenberg's curator. Rauschenberg went on to curate an exhibition of Nick’s paintings at Edison College in Florida.

Nick’s global presence bloomed In the late eighties when he started working with international curators Collins and Milazzo. He started showing extensively in Italy as well as New York and Brussels. Nick was featured on the cover of both the international and U.S. edition of the Italian art magazine Tema Celeste. Over the years Nicks paintings were shows in museums in The Netherlands, Denmark, Mexico, the United States, and Japan. Since 2008 he has been peacefully living and painting in Bridgehampton, New York.

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